Is there a difference? Yes. Nothing is without a cost to you at Planned Parenthood. Though they use a sliding scale, it will cost you something, paid for with either insurance, credit card, cash or Medi-Cal.

Network Medical, on the other hand, offers its medical services at no cost to you.

No questions asked. If you need the medical services we offer, you get them. It’s that simple.

Let’s compare in detail:

If you have missed your period and you are freaking out, you need to know three important things:

  1.  Am I really pregnancy? A pregnancy test is not conclusive.
  2. If I am pregnant, how far along am I? Only an ultrasound can answer this   question.
  3. Do I have an STD?

A pregnancy test is not a conclusive way to determine if you are pregnant because one in five will miscarry naturally. The way the test works is based on the HCG hormone which may be high enough in your body to get a positive test, even though it may have already started to miscarry. Therefore, an ultrasound is the only means to determine if you have a viable (living) pregnancy.

We find it interesting when our patients who come from Planned Parenthood tell us they had to schedule their abortion first in order to even schedule an ultrasound. This doesn’t offer much of a choice, and second, you may not need an abortion if you have already started to miscarry, which often is revealed with an ultrasound.


Therefore, at Network Medical you can schedule a pregnancy test and an ultrasound at zero cost to you, and then you will have the information you need to make a plan.

Planned Parenthood charges approximately $222 for an office visit and an ultrasound if you decide not to abort. Planned Parenthood charges $41 for your pregnancy test.


In order to protect your future reproductive health, Network Medical advises you to be tested and treated for the two most common and treatable STD’s: Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. We do this for you at no cost, and if you’re positive, we will also treat your partner.

This should be done prior to your abortion procedure. Why? Because if an STD gets into your uterus during your abortion procedure, which opens your cervix (even using the abortion pill), you could get PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease). PID is painful and can cause infertility at its worst.

As of this writing, we have never been told this is a concern of Planned Parenthood for their patients intending to abort.

Planned Parenthood does test and treat for STD’s at a cost of $155 for the two most common mentioned above. That is just for the test. The treatment is additional, which you will pay for as well, and will vary at the pharmacy of your choice.


When comparing the services, Network Medical comes out as the best choice to ascertain your current situation when you’ve missed a period. This is without spending a cent, yet gaining the peace of mind knowing you’ll get the medical services you need to make an informed decision. Knowledge is power. Free knowledge, even better!