What if I drank alcohol and used drugs before I knew I was pregnant?2020-09-25T12:39:25-07:00

After conception, it takes the new life two weeks to actually implant into the uterus where it attaches and begins to get nourishment from the mother’s body to grow. So, if you partied hard during that time, the zygote (fertilized egg) is not affected. However, this topic is covered in more detail in our blog “Pregnancy, Drugs and Alcohol” under Menu with a link to another medical website for a more thorough answer.

What is Informed Consent?2020-09-25T12:37:11-07:00

Informed Consent is your right to know all the details of a medical procedure before it happens to you. There are several things you have a right to know. See The Importance of Informed Consent under Blogs in the top menu.

Can you get abortions in Santa Barbara?2020-09-25T12:36:13-07:00

On your journey to abortion, there are many critical things to know before you have your abortion. Make sure you actually need one first and be tested and treated for STD’s before as well. For more details, see ‘Abortion Santa Barbara’ under Blogs in the top menu.

How do Planned Parenthood prices compare to Network Medical?2020-09-25T12:35:13-07:00

All services cost something at Planned Parenthood which must be paid for by insurance, credit card, welfare or cash. There is no cost for any service at Network Medical. See Cost Comparison Chart on our homepage or for more details our price comparison under Blogs in the top menu.

What can I expect for my first appointment?2020-09-25T12:32:37-07:00

Your appointment will be no more than 1 hour at most. You will receive a pregnancy test, give a short medical history to an RN and if your pregnancy test is positive, you can have an ultrasound to verify pregnancy viability – all with your express permission. For more details see “First Appointment” under Blogs in the top menu.