Pregnancy, Drugs and Alcohol


Lots of people party, some too much. Even too much food can mess with your health. But, what if after you party, you find out your pregnant? Is the baby okay? After conception, it takes the new life two weeks to actually implant into the uterus where it attaches and begins to get nourishment from [...]

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What can you expect when you walk through the doors of Network Medical Women’s Center? We’ve been told peaceful. You are NOT a number at Network Medical. We greet you and generally offer you a glass of cold water if you’d like. You are then asked to sign in on our tablet, as is the [...]

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Planned Parenthood Prices Compared to Network Medical


Is there a difference? Yes. Nothing is without a cost to you at Planned Parenthood. Though they use a sliding scale, it will cost you something, paid for with either insurance, credit card, cash or Medi-Cal. Network Medical, on the other hand, offers its medical services at no cost to you. No questions asked. If [...]

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Abortion, Santa Barbara


You wake up in the wee hours of the morning and you’re nauseated. You haven’t started your period. You’re sexually active. This could only mean one thing. You grab your phone and search “Abortion, Santa Barbara”. You have to deal with this. More than one ad result shows up, but Planned Parenthood is at the [...]

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The importance of Informed Consent


Originally started by Planned Parenthood, the Guttmacher Institute confirms, by definition, the importance of INFORMED CONSENT. They state: informed consent is a process through which accurate and relevant information is presented to a patient so that he or she is able to knowledgeably accept or forego medical care, based on an appreciation and understanding of [...]

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