You wake up in the wee hours of the morning and you’re nauseated. You haven’t started your period. You’re sexually active. This could only mean one thing. You grab your phone and search “Abortion, Santa Barbara”. You have to deal with this.

More than one ad result shows up, but Planned Parenthood is at the top. Another ad suggests an ultrasound is the only way to determine a viable pregnancy, because 1 in 5 will end naturally (or 26%).

1 in 5 will miscarry on their own? You didn’t know that.

You decide on Planned Parenthood because it’s the first ad. When you call to schedule your ultrasound the next morning to find out if you are actually pregnant, they let you know you must schedule your abortion first. Say what? But how do I know I even need an abortion before an ultrasound you are thinking?

You don’t.

So, you go back to the other ad, Network Medical Women’s Center. You go to their site and poke around. They do offer ultrasounds to learn if you are really pregnant. A link to the National Institute of Health confirms 1 in 5 will miscarry naturally.

Then it says if you do find out you have a viable pregnancy; the ultrasound will also tell you how far along you are. This info lets you know the type and cost of abortion you are eligible for.


Next you see they can protect your future reproductive health by testing and treating you for the two most common STD’s, gonorrhea and chlamydia. Since all abortions are invasive, if you have a sexually transmitted disease during your abortion, you learn it could spread and cause damage to your reproductive organs. You don’t want that!

AND then you stumble on a comparison chart on the Network Medical website comparing the cost of their medical services with Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood charges money for everything. Network Medical has no cost! Free? You read it again. Yep, all free.

Unlike Planned Parenthood, Network Medical does not benefit financially from any decision you make.

Nothing to lose, you fill out their appointment request form online.

Smart move. We inform, you decide!